From Collaborative Cleanup to Creative Resource

At the Giant Rock cleanup on June 11th, over 130 pounds of trash was collected by volunteers from near and far, many of whom are regulars at cleanups, bringing sorting buckets, sifters and expertise.

The Bureau of Land Management provided additional tools, iced water, gloves and bags, proving essential for gather small metal left from fires and accessing trash deep under the huge boulder.

Daisy and I kept our group small for safety and were able to accomplish a lot, though there is still more to be done at this blightsite. Here’s the material category and weight breakdown:

Daisy and Dulce from
Daisy and Dulce from
  • 29# Broken Glass
  • 54# Nails and Small Metal – gathered with our 4 magnetic sweepers
  • 32# Larger Metal – furniture springs, grill parts, etc.
  • 11# of Recyclables including beverage containers
  • 2#  of shot gun shells and other artful looking pieces
  • 1#  of Paper and Cardboard
  • 1#  of Hazardous Waste

I hauled the debris away, saving appropriate materials for creative reuse at a youth camp workshop at the Hi-Desert Nature Museum.

Giant Rock is 130# lighter
Giant Rock is 130# lighter

Thanks to the Integratron for vehicle parking and additional supplies from Harbor Freight.

Here’s a 3DR capture of the activities:

An Overview of the Giant Rock Cleanup